Dette kunne man sagtens tage udgangspunkt i til en kollektion. Det indeni kunne være et citat, information eller en lille historie.

Would be great to have something like this bear but with the message - 'Hackensak Trading Post. Bears Welcome.


These are a selection of my best logos and pictograms designed between 2010 and Some logos are real projects, others are only exercises.

Need a logo? DM us! ✏️ Logo Design by @primafrista TAG a friend  TAG…

Need a logo? DM us! ✏️ Logo Design by TAG a friend TAG… - Learn how I made it to in one months with e-comm

#iPhone Wallpaper

The Apple logo is a good example of corporation symbols or icons. Many people know what the logo refers too by just looking at it. For example, Mac's, Iphones, Ipads etc.

14 De 10 grootste steden hebben inmiddels allemaal een eigen hutspot en gemixte retail concepten zijn algemeen geaccepteerd...

ECCO shopping route in Amsterdam!

Far Out Awards loves far out logo's like this (and beer, of course!)

Logo Beercanada

This logo clearly shows the product in the logo- by incorporating the pint glasses subtly and adding the yellow they have created an effective logo.

HI 5!

HI 5!

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