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the inside of a tent with many lights hanging from it
Maak mooie trossen met lampionnen door ze te bundelen. Origineel en sfeervol…
a blue heart hanging from the side of a white door with an evil eye on it
Good Luck Heart Greek lucky blue eye keychain evil eye turkish blue eye
Valentine Heart Greek l <3
several pictures of different types of furniture and accessories in the same room, including a table lamp
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and flowers
there is a dog that is laying down in the window sill on the stairs
Home and Garden DIY Ideas
Indoors doggie house under the stairs! Love that this one even has a window! This is awesome
a green door with a wreath hanging on it
Aqua, Green Wreath
bread and butter are in a tin on the table
owls-n-elderberries: Micro Trends: BRICK and BREAD by decor8 on Flickr.
there are pictures of different things in the room
MOODboard #anke
a collage of photos with various items in them
MOODboard | pluk de dag. Inspired BY COLOR #ankemosselman
a bucket filled with green and pink flowers
Minty House Blog
Spring, Ib Laursen, Minty House
a wooden pallet filled with gardening tools on top of a floor next to a door
Opbergrek van pallet - wonen landelijke stijl-