Thomas Den Heeten

Thomas Den Heeten

Thomas Den Heeten
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APWorks' Light Rider is the first 3D-printed electric motorcycle

APWORKS, a subsidiary of Airbus that focuses on cutting edge engineering, just announced their new product-- the Light Rider, a metal printed motorcycle that claims to be the first of its kind.

TU delft students use MX3D robots to 3D print stainless steel arc bicycle

Arc Bicycle has steel frame created by TU Delft students and Dan HowarthDezeen / People in the Netherlands will soon be able to cycle over the world's first steel bridge on the world's first steel bicycle (+ movie).

thomas de lussac uproots tree stump to form racine carré natural table

The ‘racine carré table’ (square root in english) is a bespoke table element by french product designer thomas de lussac. completed over eight months, the project exemplifies the beauty of a tree stump located in the perche region of northwestern france.