Magnetic wallpaper

Groovy Magnets design magnetic wallpaper, magnetic stickers and fancy magnets to go with it! Pimp your room with trendy magnetic wallpaper, it is super easy and very nice. Replace your magnetic board. Discover our magnetic wallpaper that enchants!

vtwonenhuis Woonbeurs Amsterdam 2013 Styling: Cleo Scheulderman | Fotografie: Alexander van Berge #vtwonen #barn #Woonbeurs #Amsterdam #ambacht #crafts #kitchen #whites

Play of soft and hard in this kitchen. Features a fabric pattern wallpaper mixed with vintage industrial furniture, lots of wicker and other straw baskets all in muted, natural tones.

Styling: Cleo Scheulderman It's my visual life - Paulina Arcklin: WOONBEURS 2013 | VTWONEN BARN HOUSE

Dutch Interior Styling Trends…VT Wonen Barn <br/> by Cleo Scheulderman and Paulina Arcklin

inspiration colors for our art studio - grey drop cloth with orange bits!