Klei huis met geurtje.

Incense Pot Lodge - This mini lodge with chimney is made from wooden mortar and houses incense cones to help one relax. Just sit back and feel your stress melt away. Handmade from Sempre.

Stitch & Fold Paper House Luminary Kit

Wooden house blocks for kids

These 15 decorative and functional objects, from handkerchiefs to power strips, are inspired by skyscrapers and city streets. - My Wood Den

Little paper house and trees

love the paper trees miniatur house on driftwood - mini hus på drivtømmer

clay houses

Medium Brown Speckle Ceramic House by IndustriousLily on Etsy

ceramic houses

ceramic houses saw a great menorah made of little clay houses like this !

klm houses

These are small ceramic "bottles" with liquor that were given to first class passengers on KLM flights.