Egor Krasnoperov

Egor Krasnoperov

Black is the new black, only blacker.
Egor Krasnoperov
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Nils Gulin Ponoq Coat Hangers                                                                                                                                                      More

Nils Gulin Ponoq Coat Hangers - ponoq designed by Nils Gulin in 2009 and is a range of coat hangers for wall-mounted or freestanding applications, with or without umbrella stands, and tables of varying heights with or without integral stools.

Minimalist and of great impact, this coat rack was designed by David Quan and it comes in two colors, black and white. Aside from being visually interesting, it also has a space-saving design

Umbra STICKS MULTI HOOK designed by DAVID QUAN. Accessible and decorative for the front hall, this deceptive multi-hook looks at first glance like an idle row of sticks, until you notice that some flip down to become hooks for your coats, bags and ot

Tactical alphabet - If you don't know it, you should.

the-bantersaurus: robotcosmonaut: Military Phonetic Alphabet via itinerantdispatches brb memorizing my dad always uses this on the phone and stuff haha perks of being a policeman’s daughter I had to learn this for work!