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a yurt in the middle of a wooded area
Pot at the bottom of the garden.
an alley way with stone walls and lights on either side, in the middle of it
Viterbo e la Tuscia Viterbese - Quartiere Medievale
an iron window on the side of a pink stucco building with red and white bricks
Majorelle Garden Window
an aerial view of a large building at night
a stone path leads to an outdoor gazebo surrounded by greenery and trees in the background
Pathways to another world…..
an ornate blue room with chandeliers and rugs on the floor is featured in this post
Look Inside 7 Dazzling Indian Palaces
an ornately decorated bathroom with a jacuzzi tub
an elaborately decorated room with chairs and rugs on the floor, painted in bright colors
The field is set!
an ornate ceiling in the middle of a building
Christine Chitnis
a blue building with three windows and a clock on the front
an ornate pink building with black doors and windows
Bau de confeitos