Miscanthus grasses Autumn/winter

Piet Oudolf Paints With the Landscape

Water feature

Chelsea might be tom stuart smiths garden. Great looking not sure what would happen in the rain though.

Peking Cotoneaster hedge beautifully trimmed

How to Care for a Peking Cotoneaster Hedge

I was trying to decide on what sort of hedge would look good and grow properly in our cold Canadian climate. I did plenty of research over the internet and came across the Peking Cotoneaster. This is an extremely hardy and pest resistant shrub that.

trachylospernum. evergreen climber to provide screen on floating wires.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides Plant -Star of Toscane - 257995 - All Flower Plants - Flower Plants - Gardening

miscanthus grass during the early summer

miscanthus grass could be used to create looser hedging aspect along right hand boundary