this shows the meadow area contrasting with the mown grass

I love this mown path through a wild flower meadow. How fab that would look as the area opposite the front of your house!

Miscanthus grasses Autumn/winter

Piet Oudolf Paints With the Landscape

Water feature

Chelsea might be tom stuart smiths garden. Great looking not sure what would happen in the rain though.

Tiarella cordifolia provides groundcover under columnar beech and beside Taxus hedges for a simple yet interesting front garden.

Beech hedge

Gardens: balancing act

Gardens: balancing act. Dan Pearson The Observer, Sunday 16 November 2014 Keeping a garden in order sometimes means making a dramatic move. Act now to stop sprawlers taking centre stage

Planting example. yr 1. berkhamsted. for by house terrace

mixed herbaceous planting to provide summer colour in 2 main border adjacent to the 2 paved areas