add a little lemon

Few natural substances equal the powerful combined benefits of green tea and lemon. Green tea has been shown to boost the body’s metabolism and fight disease. And, when coupled with True Lemon, green tea’s strength increases dramatically.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony: It’s Nothing like your Afternoon Tea

Also known as the Way of the Tea, the Japanese tea ceremony is the traditional method of preparing and drinking matcha, or powdered green tea. The Japanese Tea Ceremony


Just had to share with you: Day 14 of from one of our favourite freelance writers Caroline Buijs (she writes lovely stories also for our international issue) Love it!

Fennel-Spearmint-Green Tea

Fennel-Mint Green Mix

Fennel-Mint Green Mix 2 tablespoons loose Sencha green tea (preferably organic and fair trade) 2 teaspoons crushed fennel seeds teaspoon dried spearmint Dash of powdered Matcha green tea, for more intense color (optional)

Mint tea ritual, Marrakech

Whether your cup comes from a traditional Chinese tea ceremony or from a sustainable service in Seattle, drinking tea can help you stay well.