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an old black and white photo of children looking at a large balloon
100 Scary things ideas in 2024 | scary, creepy, creepy dolls
Scary things on Pinterest | Creepy Dolls, Zombies and Dolls
a room with an open door and a lit candle on the table in front of it
Remedios Varo (2nd Part) (ENGLISH)
Remedios Varo (2nd Part) (ENGLISH) – Mujeres Artistas/ Female Artists
a large metal sculpture with an odd looking face holding a circular object in it's hands
Castle for the Children, Aoyama Tokyo
statue by Taro Okamoto for Castle for the Children, Aoyama Tokyo, Japan
an eye in the center of a room with red walls and black floors, surrounded by glass doors
Alien named PAIRA, 1956 - Taro Okamoto -
a man holding up his hand with an evil eye painted on it
生誕100年 人間・岡本太郎展 あす16日から展覧会 | 麻生区 | タウンニュース
a woman walking down the street with an eyeball on her head and black tights
Electric Love
an artistic painting of a man with bubbles on his head
hermaeus mora, Ira Arn
ArtStation - hermaeus mora, Ira Arn
an eyeball in the sky above a cemetery with lightning coming from it and people standing around
OKO, Asker Mursaliev