Boom Chicka Boom...silly songs for brain breaks!

"Boom Chicka Boom, is a 'repeat after me' action song. By far a favorite with children. It's great for brain breaks, group activities, morning meeting and indoor recess.

The Parachute Song - can use a parachute to teach fast and slow, over and under

William Tell Overture - Parachute Activity - Nysmith Private School: Today In Kindergarten Music - The Parachute Song

Bewegingen improviseren op muziek. De leerlingen blijven op hun stoel zitten en bewegen op een 4/4 maat.

Students improvise basic movements to the steady beat of a multicultural song.

LM Dance Kleuterdans De Douchedruppel - YouTube

LM Dance Kleuterdans De Douchedruppel - YouTube