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a woman holding a baby in her arms with beads around it's neck and hands
Oh my! I am going to need a photo of the girls and their Godparents like this when they are baptized! Beautiful!
a woman holding a baby in her arms and wearing a white dress with pearls on it
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Baptism photo with baby and mom - love the Rosary!
a poem written in black and white with the words'to my godchild '
My precious little godchild... I felt so truly blessed the day your parents asked me the day I answered "yes". I promise through the years with all of life's demands my love for you will never change I'm here with open hands. A commitment of faith I bring to you and our God above. Forever and always and through life's years you'll always have my love.
two glass bowls filled with sand and seashells on top of a purple table cloth
Under the Sea Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 20 of 36
Charlotte's Under the Sea First Birthday Party |
three jars filled with glitter sitting on top of a wooden table
DIY Decorative Glitter Baby Food Jars - could be for votives, bud vases, treasure/vacation jars for little girls, make-up brush holders, tiny crafting items, etc.
several jars filled with rocks and lit candles
The joy of a life lived creatively!
I think I'll do this but with coffee or cocoa beans instead of stones and with twine tied around the top of the jar.
a table topped with pictures and candles on top of a pink cloth covered tablecloth
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This little girl’s family celebration of her First Communion was just the way she wanted it – pretty in pink! We used a collection of gorgeous pink and white ribbons to create backdrops for the cake table and beverage station, which also sported a montage of photos of the little girl, set in a cross formation for this religious celebration.
a cake in the shape of a cross with roses on it
How to Wedding Dress Cake (This is the 2nd one we Made)
Cross pull apart cupcake cake I made for my daughter's baptism. Used tips from this video
an image of a crochet jesus made out of yarn and paper towel rolls
Cross Cupcakes
Cross cupcakes-perfect for an Easter brunch or a baptism or confirmation!! Beautiful!
the cupcakes are decorated like a cross with pink roses on it and green leaves
Follow Chef Delainey for more fun and yummy ideas - watch her videos on youtube - Brooklyn's Baptism cupcake cake
a baby in a white dress and bonnet sitting on the grass
Hernandez Baptism
Newborn Photography & Baptism Photos | Carrascography, Photography by Kim Carrasco Villa |
four different images of people sitting in the grass with one woman laying on her back
Ashley Boomer's Photography
Ashley Boomer Photography | Sister sibling pictures | Outdoor child, baby, toddler photography | Emmiandlivi boutique - Etsy