Now I know what to do with the CD packages I have kept. I had no idea what to do with them but did not want to toss them.

Riuso creativo: cosa ci faccio col porta CD?

DIY felt cake from a cd storage box - riciclare campana CD per torta con feltro

Kids Chef Hats

How to make a child's chef hat (maybe for a cooking birthday party or just creative play) This would be cute to make with a apron!

Cute Free Printable Build Your Own Cupcakes ...

Cute Free Printable Build Your Own Cupcakes .this would be a cute file folder game for church

Logische volgorde bakker, free printable / Baking-Day

READING center: sequencing gingerbread could be put on paint stick and used after reading about gingerbread.

{Thanksgiving Math Center} Pumpkin Pie Counting Preschool Lesson Plans

I love this counting activity for Cooking Fun! Scoop the appropriate number of cotton balls "ice cream" onto each pie -- add small motor with tongs