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a pink basket filled with lots of cut out shapes for kids to use in crafts
Kindergarten Math Curriculum: Shapes
Kindergarten, Math, Kindergarten Math, math games, shapes, patterns, pattern blocks
the very hungry caterpillar counting game for toddlers to learn how to count
25 Spring Math Activities For Preschoolers
several different colored cards with numbers and symbols on them, including one that has the same number
Making a 10 to Add
teaching time - hula hoop on the white board Primary School Education, Classroom Fun, Clock, 2nd Grade Classroom, Classroom, Teaching Time
Quick Idea for Practicing Telling Time!
teaching time - hula hoop on the white board
a poster with numbers and leaves on it for children to learn how to spell them
Herfst rekenen
Herfst rekenen - De rekenhoek
a printable worksheet with the words dobbelspel on it and an image of a bird
Dobbelen tot 20: download
the worksheet for addition and subtractions with numbers to 10 on it
an image of the word search game with words and pictures on it, including numbers
Doolhof – tellen met sprongen
a book cover with an image of a person's face and numbers on it
Sommen als 14 - 6 moeilijk? Zo wordt het makkelijker - Juf Caatje
an image of a book cover with words and pictures on the page, in german