this made me lol

Apparently the teacher doesn't trust these kids. Too funny. showing how to use one would make a funny joke on the first day of school though.


Porn movies and Disney are responsible for the most frustrated human beings I know. Girl: Where the hell is my prince charming? Dude: Where the hell is my insatiable whore?

Leven voor Photoshop

photo manipulation before the digital age. 'american school man on rooftop with eleven men in formation on his shoulders' by unknown artist, ca. 1930 gelatin silver print collection of george eastman house photo courtesy: the metropolitan museum of art

Igor Krulsnor

It's a thneed! The idea is to provide the user "privacy, warmth, and concentration" when using a laptop in public spaces. I am laughing myself silly here. While you have all the privacy you need everything you own except your laptop will be stolen.