Leuk en efficient ruimte gebruik met zo'n bank tegen de muur/schutting

really like this clean, elegant but still cosy look for a garden seating area. - Gardening And Patio

Idee voor langs de border

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

// @chloeapineapple

The Essentials for a Great Patio

Buisson ronds avec luminaires et pierres blanches

9 Spots d'extérieur LED Chaud à planter H9,6cm - NOXLITE KIT

Right in time for summer, Osram is expanding its line of Noxlite outdoor LED luminaires. New in the range is the Noxlite LED Garden Spot Mini.

Chelsea 2003

simple fountain you can walk through, gives water sound and look with managed details.



Mooi ontwerp met grassen

Image via Gardenista, Designer: Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Photographer: Art Gray - White Garden

10 x Tuinen met zwarte accenten - everythingelze.com

Contemporary Black, white and green! Landscape and outdoor decor! Modern minimal and sleek with clean lines deck terrace.

witte buitenmuren

Here are 25 ideas for living large in your small backyard. Here is a collection of modern outdoor living spaces and outdoor home decorating ideas that are inspiring, fresh and beautiful.

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