Snowy Night, Amsterdam, The Netherlands beautiful place reminds me of the movie the holiday kinda wanna go there for Christmas :)

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. She reigned for nearly 58 years from 1890 to 1948, longer than any other Dutch monarch.

Queen Wilhelmina wearing her Wedding Gift Sapphire and Diamond Tiara - 1901 - gift by the people ot the Netherlands for her wedding - over 800 sapphires and diamonds - large square-cut diamond in the center from the Golkanda mine in India

Hema rookworst.

I used to buy this sausage (another Dutch staple), every time I'd go to the Kalverstraat in A'dam. (it kind of tastes like the Kielbalsa smoked sausage in the US), but much better tasting though.


Last time I was in Holland, I did not see any Dutch smoke pot.only the foreigners. Nee, niet iedereen zit hier in holland aan de weed.

Sinterklaas: "de echte"

Netherlands- Sinterklaas is St. Nicholas in the Netherlands. Dutch children put wooden shoes filled with hay and sugar for Sinterklaas' horse. Good children receive shoes full of sweet treats as a child we would sing to Sinterklaas.