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Sweet Paul's Dancing Family Cut-Outs

Dancing Family Cut-Outs

Dancing Family Cut-Outs {Crafts}How cute are these dancing family cut-outs! A fun craft project for you kiddos to make and play with! They are easier to make than they look with this great tutorial! Perfect indoor activity for a rainy summer day!

[A la manière de ]Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol Inspiración

Happily Ever After.An Art Teacher's Fairy Teal: Andy Warhol Inspired Handprints First day lesson?

Leuk om te maken met canvas, tijdschriften en mod podge (of de simpel versie: witte lijm en water in de verhouding 1:1).

make a I LOVE YOU collage out of old magazines. great project for kids, wine night, etc.of course you can choose other fun words or things.words of encouragement.

* Lieve mama....bij jou voel ik mij....

I really like the coloured board. If you pr-drill some holes it makes it easier to knock the nails in.

Karson's shirt: my husband will do anything for a backrub!

Car Shirt Tutorial ~ Daddy can lay down, and "play" with the kids. aka get a back tickle :) cute diy Father's Day gift kids always do this to their dad he and they will luv having this:-)