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an aerial view of a building with a green lawn in the center and other buildings around it
The Green, Novartis Campus, Basel
The Green, Novartis Campus | Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten
an empty courtyard with grass and trees in the center, surrounded by white cubes
like the idea of bigger pavers transitioning into smallerones in the grass Projects: G R O S S . M A X .
a spiral staircase in front of an orange building
modern, minimalist double helix....Munich, Germany, Philipp Klinger
an empty path in the middle of a grassy area with trees and flowers on either side
Montevrain_Park-Urbicus_landscape_architecture-03 « Landscape Architecture Platform
Park in Montévrain, France by Urbicus. Click image for fully-illustrated profile and visit the boards >>
an empty street with people walking on the sidewalk and cars parked in front of buildings
Passeig De St Joan Boulevard by Lola Domènech
Passeig De St Joan Boulevard, Barcelona redesigned by architect Lola Domènech.
an image of people standing in front of a structure with grass growing on the side
vegetal bus stop
vertical gardening could incorporate fish water to sustain plants & both to sustain you. Plants clean fish water returning re oxygenated & clean to sustain fish. All it requires is management as we are supposed to do with creation. :)
two pictures with cars parked on the side of them and trees growing in between them
Beautiful GREEN street ♥ in Porto Alegre, Brazil the Future of tomorrow has to be GREEN Cities ♥ new (urgent) concepts are required .. • By 2050, the `urban population of the World will almost double with 70% of the projected 8.9 billion people living in cities => this means WE will have to build the SAME urban capacity in the next 40 years that WE have built over the last 4000 years !
the curved road is next to some trees
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center / Weiss/Manfredi
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center Opens to the Public
an aerial view of a circular garden area
Royce E. Pollard Japanese Friendship Garden
Royce E. Pollard Japanese Friendship Garden | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a wooden bench sitting on top of a white floor next to a metal pole with two legs
Pinch by Sawdust Bureau
Pinch by Sawdust Bureau