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Tijd en ruimte besparen door opknoping van uw fiets binnen of buiten. Gemaakt van premium multiplex en Tasmaanse Eik, kunt dit rek u snel en gemakkelijk uw fiets tussen ritten. Gewaardeerd voor fietsen tot 16kg, het rek is ontworpen om te worden aangesloten rechtstreeks op stevige muren of een stoeterij van hout.

Save time and space by hanging your bike inside or out. Made from premium plywood and Tasmanian oak, this rack allows you to quickly and easily store your bike between rides. Rated for bikes up to the rack is designed to be attached directly to soli

Tea Light Candle + Clay Flower Pot,  Radiant Space Heater.

Picture of Tea Light Radiant Space Heater >> This is a nice design. I've made two other types already and neither worked at all. Could someone make this and let me know if it works as a heater?

16 Tips for Sharpening - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker

16 Tips for Sharpening Understanding the “Why” is just as important as the “How”. By Tom Caspar Hand tools are a pleasure to use–if they’re sharp. Once you have a sharp tool in your hands, you’ll begin to realize why some woodworkers are so passionate abo