Tropical freshwater fish

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Put In Your Fish Tank

If you’re at the stage where you’re ready to set up your fish tank, you’ve probably done a lot of research. You most likely know what size tank you’ll need, how to set it up,

A classic rule for stocking your aquarium. Is it true or a myth when it comes to choose the fish for your tank? Tropical Fish Aquarium, Aquarium Fish Tank, Planted Aquarium, Freshwater Plants, Freshwater Aquarium Fish, Goldfish Care, Cichlid Aquarium, Betta Fish Tank, Fish Tanks
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The One Inch of Fish Per Gallon Rule: Truth or Myth? | Fish Tank World

Many aquarists swear by the standard rule of “one inch of fish per gallon” rule. Is it a hard-and-fast rule, or more of a guideline? Let's learn more.

Animal-assisted therapy, and keeping pets, has been shown to be an effective treatment for mental health issues and other behavioral problems. Know and explore how keeping fish can reduce stress and improve mental health on this pin! Improve Mental Health, Mental Health Issues, Tropical Fish Aquarium, Fishing For Beginners, Pet Fish, African Cichlids, Architecture Tattoo, Colorful Fish, Freshwater Fish
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15 Ways Fish Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Health

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that mental health issues are on the rise here in the United States. Approximately 1 in 5 Americans will experience mental health issues this year. Research from Deakin University, Melbourne suggests

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Aquatic Plants

A Guide to Fin Rot Treatment

When the aquarium is maintained correctly there is very little concern for the well-being of your beautiful pets. Nevertheless, sometimes bad things do happen and your animals can get ill. Fish, too, are prone to disease like any other animal.


Benefits of Keeping a Fish Aquarium At Home?

What are the benefits of keeping fish in a home aquarium? Check out this article to discover why keeping fish is good for your health.

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29 Coolest Fish Species For The Home Aquarium

What are the 29 coolest freshwater fish species that you can keep in your home aquarium? Read this guide to find out!

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18 Most Beautiful Gourami Fish and How to Care for Them - Fishkeeping World

Gouramis are a group of freshwater fish from the families Osphronemidae, Helostomatidae and Anabantidae. There are many different types of gouramis, coming in different sizes and colors. But most of them have a similarly shaped

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Complete Guide to the Best Algae Eaters

A detailed guide to dealing with aquarium algae outbreaks and the best algae eaters to help control their growth in freshwater tanks.

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Neon Tetra Tank Schools

How Many Neon Tetras Per Gallon? Neon Tetras will need at least 1.5 to 2-gallons of water for each neon tetra you plan on keeping in your fish tank. You can get more information by clicking the link.

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Cleaning Solutions

How To Clean a Fish Tank With Vinegar

How do you clean a fish tank with vinegar? Check out this comprehensive guide for full, easy to follow instructions.

Culturing Live Foods: A Step-by-Step Guide for Culturing One's Own Food for the Home Aquarium, a book by Mike Hellweg Aquarium Fish Food, Home Aquarium, Snails Recipe, Gelatin Recipes, One Fish, Aquaponics, Tropical Fish, Nutritious Meals, Betta
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DIY Gelatin Aquarium Fish Food

You can make your own natural fish/shrimp/snail food exactly as you want it, with any combination of nutrients, supplements or medication.

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Guppy Tank <ates

When it comes to finding the best tank mates for guppies you definitely have a lot of options. If you're looking to add some variety to your guppy tank then there are lots small peaceful community fish that get along great with guppies. Scroll down to see some of our favorite fish to keep with guppies.

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Saltwater Tank

What’s The Best Undergravel Filter?

What’s the best undergravel filter system for an aquarium? If you want an invisible, efficient, biological filtration system, read this article.

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How to Clean a Fish Tank | Step-by-Step Fish Tank Cleaning

Learn how to clean a fish tank. This step-by-step fish tank cleaning guide shows you exactly how to keep your fish tank clean and looking great.

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10 Gallon Neon Tetra Tank

How Many Neon Tetras Per Gallon? Neon Tetras will need at least 1.5 to 2-gallons of water for each neon tetra you plan on keeping in your fish tank. You can get more information by clicking the link.

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Aquarium Life by Nikolyn McDonald

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