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Boats in the future

The Proteus Catamaran is a new type of craft based on what is known as "Wave Adaptive Modular Vassal" (WAM-V) design. Unlike conventional boats, the hull of a WAM-V conforms to the surface of the water.


A new kind of cosmic flash may reveal something never seen before: the birth of a black hole. When a massive star exhausts its fuel, it collapses under its own gravity and produces a black hole, an object so dense that not even light can escape its.

toekomst vliegtuig

The new airbus concept featuring an inteligent membrane through which the walls can be cleared, opening up complete panoramic views for everybody on board!

Blaisoid's sci-fi gun(s) - Page 2 - Polycount Forum

So, I've posted a couple WIPs here (see here )but have a bad habit of not updating threads or showing finished projects.