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Infographic : How Do Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Differ From Each Other? How Do Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Differ From Each Other? Augmented Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Technology, Virtual Reality Headset, Futuristic Technology, Energy Technology, Digital Technology, Disruptive Technology, Medical Technology, Battlestar Galactica

Continue - Mysterious Happenings

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The rapid development of augmented reality technology gave birth to a new category of hybrid games that fused the physical and digital world. Augmented Reality Technology, Robot Design, Modular Design, Starcraft, New Tricks, First World, Virtual Reality, Battle

AR Robot Battles Get An Upgrade As Reach Robotics Unveils MekaMon V2

The robots controlled with an AR smartphone app get some new tricks.

Attack on Titan VR is getting a location test in Tokyo at Ginza Sony Park from October - running - JST. Popular Manga, Humanoid Creatures, Attack On Titan, Virtual Reality, Attraction, Tokyo, Product Launch, Vr, Anime

Attack On Titan VR Attraction Launches In Tokyo Later This Week - VRScout

Share TweetEnlist in the Survey Corps and take on a massive humanoid creature in Attack on Titan: The Human Race. Based on reports by Siliconera, fans of the popular manga and anime series, Attack on Titan, will soon have the opportunity to go head-to-head with a man-eating Titan in VR as Attack on Titan: The […]

Texan Pilots Use Oculus Go For In-Flight Navigational Guidance - VRScout Thrust Vectoring, Co Founder, Texans, Pilots, Vr, John Paul, Technology, Virtual Reality, Aircraft

Texan Pilots Use Oculus Go For In-Flight Navigational Guidance - VRScout

Share TweetCo-founders of Thrust Vector aim to create safer flights by introducing VR to the cockpit. Piloting an aircraft isn’t easy. Thankfully, John Nagle and John Paul Sommer, co-founders of Texas-based AR & VR contract development and consulting company Thrust Vector, have begun utilizing VR technology inside the cockpit to assist in real-time navigational guidance. In […]

13 Best Apps for Anxiety, Depression, and Mindfulness Types Of Meditation, Meditation Benefits, Meditation Techniques, Mantra Meditation, Daily Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, John Muir, Photos Bff, Positive News

This virtual reality meditation kit runs on your brainwaves

Heal-ium is the world's first VR and AR channel controlled bybrainwaves, specifically the user's positivity. Our kits can reduce stressreactions in as little as four minutes. In two peer-reviewed Journals, Healiumhas been shown to reduce moderate anxiety and increase feelings ofpositivity.

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Turn Any Toy Blaster Into A Laser Tag Weapon (And Play AR Games Too) With TagRIDER

Singapore-based TAGTEAM launches Kickstarter campaign.

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SteamVR Gets Motion Smoothing, an ASW-like Feature to Help VR Apps Run Better

Valve today introduced Motion Smoothing to SteamVR in beta. Similar to Oculus’ Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW), the feature uses previous frames to synthesize new frames on the fly, allowing VR applications to continue to run smoothly and comfortably even when dropping frames. PC VR headset demand relatively powerful gaming hardware because games need to be rendered …

MagiMask - A New, Immersive, Affordable AR Headset Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Best Resolution, Tracking System, Headset, Microsoft, Magic, Day, Numbers

AR Headset MagiMask Passes Kickstarter Mark In A Day

The $99 smartphone-based HMD has already pulled in enough base numbers.

A live set will be broadcast in VR from VRS Conference after party. Live Set, Vr, Virtual Reality, Learning, Headset, Conference, David, Party, Headphones

Tribe XR Partners With DJ David Starfire For Live VR Set

A live set will be broadcast in VR from VRS Conference after party.

Co-op 'Godzilla VR' Game to Arrive at VR Arcades Across Japan Next Month Legendary Monsters, Vr Games, Osaka, Godzilla, Virtual Reality, Arcade, Around The Worlds, Japan, Screens

Co-op 'Godzilla VR' Game to Arrive at VR Arcades Across Japan Next Month

There’s no more befitting place or time for a roll-out of Godzilla VR, Bandai Namco’s latest addition to their Japan-based VR ZONE arcades. After all, November 3rd is Japan’s unofficial ‘Godzilla Day’, annually commemorating the giant lizard’s premiere on the silver screens in Japan back in 1954. As first reported by Japanese VR tech site Mogura VR, the …

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Microsoft lets smartphones join the Mixed Reality fun with SpectatorView (Preview) - MSPoweruser

It is usually pretty difficult to share the experience a HoloLens user is having with the rest of the people in the room. When Microsoft does their demos they usually use their SpectatorView rig, which is a DSLR camera with a special lens setup recording through an actual HoloLens headset. For most purposes that is overkill, […]

Vuzix Announces Release Date for Blade Smart Glasses Release Date, Vr, Virtual Reality, Youtubers, Blade, November, Motorcycle, Glasses, Stuff To Buy

Vuzix Announces Release Date for Blade Smart Glasses

The Vuzix Blade smart glasses are planned for shipping in November 2018.

5 Great Ways to Celebrate the Moon Landings Anniversary in VR Spacex Dragon, Lunar Lander, Spacex Launch, Apollo Program, Moon Missions, Kennedy Space Center, Inspirational Music, Nasa Astronauts, International Space Station

HD Remaster of 'Apollo 11 VR' Coming to Vive, Rift & Windows VR Next Month – Road to VR

Apollo 11 VR (2016) is an educational experience that takes you on a breathtaking trip to the Moon, virtually recreating the July 24, 1969 mission that has inspired so many. The creators Immersive VR Education are taking Apollo 11 VR’s commitment to realism one step further though with their newly remastered version, dubbed Apollo 11 VR HD, which is now set …

'Ovation' is a Powerful VR Public Speaking Sim Designed for Professional Training Public Speaking, Tool Design, Vr, Sims, Training, Virtual Reality, Youtubers, Platform, Tools

'Ovation' is a Powerful VR Public Speaking Sim Designed for Professional Training

In my years covering VR, I’ve seen several attempts at public speaking simulators, but Ovation, a new app released this week supporting the Rift and Vive, is by far the most comprehensive. It offers up not just an immersive public speaking simulator, but also a backend suite of tools designed for post-speech analysis and feedback. Available …

Thai-Made Survival Horror Game "Home Sweet Home" Launches October 9 - Niche Gamer Spirit World, Video Game News, Sweet Home, Horror Movies, Xbox One, Survival, Product Launch, Playstation, Instagram Posts

Explore The Depths of the Thai Spirit World In Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home emerges onto the PlayStation Store and GameStop stores.

Oculus Go headset which is recently launched in two dozen countries across the globe. The Oculus Go is one of the few standalone virtual reality headset which is going to be popular for its extravagant features. Vr Headset, Virtual Reality Headset, Augmented Reality, Ps4, Oculus Vr, Amazon Prime Day, Ready Player One, News Apps, Best Mobile

TD Ameritrade Created A 360 Investor Education Experience For Go

The financial services industry is far from the first thing that comes to mind when you think of VR, but Nebraska-based TD Ameritrade begs to differ with their first of a kind experience for Oculus Go.