Elaborate detailed Indian textile / drawing: Love the pattern, the color could be a darker blue.


Moroccan Decor Ideas and Blue Color Bring Cool Moroccan style into Modern Home…


Blue passage, Morocco love love love this color.it will find it's way into somewhere in my house

Topkapı Palace

Sultan's window in Topkapı Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

Sheherazade® Home | Moroccan Decor | Yelp

Love the dresser. Moroccan Decor for a Modern Home / Cabinet / Moroccan & Oriental Perfume Bottles /

INDIA | Castles in the Sky

Jaipur- Rajastan, India I want to see the people in Rajastan, their style and culture is so cool!

Casablanca, Morocco

Loving the beautiful patchwork paint design around this Casablanca door! doors of the world.

islamic pattern

Moroccan tile-print pattern- perfect on a shirt or a-line skirt to add dimension…

Colorful moroccan woven baskets / Tory Burch Blog: Pinterest: Marrakech Express

Pinterest: Marrakech Express

baskets galore for my bohemian home

Medina in Marrakesh, Morocco

Beggars on the streets in the Medina in Marrakech, Morocco.

Colors from Morocco... www.asilahventures.com

My Bohemian World Scene from a Moroccan bazaar

Metal vessels, Afghanistan - I saw similar Indian brass vessels in Kochi; would love large ones for the India apartment.


Find a bunch of mirrors and paint on wall! Notes: In a bath of a home in Morocco, the tub and fittings are in the shape of an eight-pointed star, and the mirrored wall treatment is based on a traditional Islamic design.

usually incense holders are not known for "elegance" but this one is.

Strikingly beautiful and intricate incense burner.

Mosaic Art of Islamic Mosques

Mosaic Mosque by Marzan Khan on Saint Petersburg Mosque, St Petersburg, Russia

detail of marble carved inscription and tilework  Fes, Morocco

detail of marble carved inscription and tilework Fes, Morocco