Well it seems a little oxymoronish to Kill and be Kind at the same time.but being kind is the right thing to do, maybe instead of killing them they will learn to be kind also, or just be kind in return. The Golden Rule if you will.

take the bull by the horns quote typography

Don’t worry, be happy

On the rare good day, I feel like I can take the bull by the horns. the bull takes me for a ride. Take the bull by the horns. You got this!

stop living inside your head

After the switch the characters just live inside their own heads The world is so much bigger than your brain. Stop living inside your head.

And as the sky screamed out loud, it drowned her cries, giving her the much needed freedom to pour the little life her dying heart had into this catharsis. She cried with the skies. She cried with the universe.

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You have the potential to make beautiful things and also to make things beautiful. Yes, you.