Op Art Lesson

Optical Illusion Art Idea I want to try this! I'll put the link to the instructions to this activity, & more op art ideas, in the comments below.

seasons tree, science and art project...although...for Hawaii, the tree would look pretty much the same for all 4 seasons lol...could add rain to winter for our "rainy season" and whales to Fall, Winter, and Spring for our "whale season" ha ha

See 6 Best Images of Spring Printable Tree Templates. Spring Tree Template Four Seasons Tree Printables Printable Family Tree Template Paper Crafts Tree Template Bird Template Printable

Eerste begin van perspectieftekenen.

eerste begin van perspectief tekenen I don't know what that says but I like the one point perspective

Pasfoto vergroten en beschilderen #pointillisme #zelfportret #plakkaatverf 2012/2013

Pasfoto vergroten en beschilderen #pointillisme #zelfportret #plakkaatverf 2012/2013

Makkelijk ogen tekenen

How to draw eyes. As an artist I have always found the eyes difficult to draw, now you can learn step by step!

Tekenen en zo: bovenbouw

Kids Artists: Op art line design one it! Use hands with older students, they love it!