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Robin Hood the Border Collie

Robin Hood the Border Collie. I am super cute and way too smart for my own good. I love to do tricks and play 19 hours a day. Now that spring has arrived I can't get enough of the back yard. Birds, squirrels, and bugs--there is something new every day.

El Hefe the Chihuahua

El Hefe the Chihuahua - cracks me up that this little guy is named El Jefe (The Chief/Boss).

Clementine the Bulldog

I arrived home to the Jersey City waterfront neighborhood of Paulus Hook, where I quickly became a well-known fixture prowling the streets in my pet stroller, hanging out in the Canine Canteen pet sto

Penny the Mixed Breed

Penny the Mixed Breed: lucky dog, you get to live in Maine, my favorite place in the world.

Mabel the English Springer Spaniel

Mabel the English Springer Spaniel. Miss Mabel is only a few months old but one look into her eyes tells you she has the mind of an old soul. She loves playing fetch, chewing magazines, and dismantling her toys. She's growing like a weed and often forget

Carly the Shih Tzu

My name is Carly. I love to socialize with people, especially with kids. I am also a very curious puppy, so I get into everything. My mum scolds me every time I pee or poop in our living

Lucky the Goldendoodle

Lucky Pickens is a down to earth doodle who can be seen chewing on a ball curled up on the couch or chasing tails in the park. She enjoys bully sticks, treats and tummy rubs. Lucky one day hopes to gr