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This is rape culture. How are we, as a society, not tired of living this way and treating women this way? How can anyone still think any of this is okay? Icarly, Angst Quotes, Faith In Humanity Restored, Stop Bullying, No Me Importa, So True, Cool Stuff, Good People, Difficult People

This Girl Was Assaulted At School. But What Happened Next Is Even Worse.

They blamed ME!

dress codes are misogynistic , sexist, slut shame, and objectify girls bodies. men are the biggest hypocrites in this world. All That Matters, Intersectional Feminism, Equal Rights, Faith In Humanity, My Tumblr, Look At You, Social Issues, Gi Joe, Along The Way

School dress code schools would rather fix our tank top "shoulder problem" than fix the students struggling daily just to barely pass

You think of yourselves as humans searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are. Native American Wisdom, Native American History, American Indians, African History, Master Of The Universe, Native Quotes, Native Indian, Before Us, History Facts

Truth. It is happening again, and not just here. We have to unite this time and stop the 1% who are destroying the planet with impunity. This is a huge fight and we must unite as the Warriors necessary to take down this greedy narcissistic beast #TheEvilWhiteMan and I only direct this at those whose vibration matches that of those words when they are strung together like that. Enough, it is time to unite.

Slavery is history. I try my best not to think all white people are not racist, but when I see shit like this it gets harder and harder to defend you white people. What it's only history when it's about white people? Get the hell out of here with that bs. We Are The World, In This World, And So It Begins, African American History, American Indians, Before Us, Social Issues, History Facts, My People

Bigotry Irony. why does no one mention other indentured peoples--Irish, English, Chinese...etc. no one else was fought for to free...

His lawyer argued a case of Affluenza? This sentence was given by a female judge who thought the white kid couldn't handle prison. I guess black boys are equipped? Justiz, And Justice For All, African American History, History Facts, Deep Thoughts, Real Talk, Black History, That Way, In This World

Just like you’re entitled to your opinions, I’m entitled to mine! Please don’t respond to my posts! Look and keep it moving!

They always manage to capture white killers alive, while killing Black youth who pose no threat.——so many things are wrong in this world Sierra Leone, Are You Serious, By Any Means Necessary, White Privilege, African American History, History Facts, Black People, Social Justice, Black History

They always manage to capture white killers alive, while killing Black youth who pose no threat.

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Let's cut the #Hypocrisy and really discuss #Immigration. Lest we forget: America and Native Americans.