Libelium smart world infographic

Libelium Smart World Infographic – Sensors for Smart Cities, Internet of Things and beyond

Studio Roosegaarde — Smart Highway photos

Studio Roosegaarde — Smart Highway: Glowing Lines uses photo-luminescent paint to mark out the edges of the road.

Dynamic Paint

Netherlands highways will glow in the dark from A smart road design that features glow in the dark tarmac and illuminated weather indicators will be installed in the Netherlands from

Electric Priority Lane

Electric priority lane: Special lanes which will allow drivers of electric cars to recharge their vehicles as they travel along them are among the most ambitious ideas put forward

Wind Light

Smart Highway project by Studio Roosegarde proposing glow-in-the-dark roads and responsive street lamps triumphs at INDEX: Award

Interactive Light

Smart Highway - Interactive light by Studio Roosegaarde & Heijmans


Arup Reveals a Vision of the Future of Rail: Ticketless travel, automated freight transport, maintenance drones and faster driverless trains envisioned by engineering and design consultancy.

smart city - Google Search

Crowdsourcing successfully helps people find cheap gas and avoid traffic, but locating the best parking spot requires more than just good will.

smart city - Google Search

Urban Engines gives you deep insights that let you create vibrant, mobile cities and plan for sustainable growth. It analyzes dozens of signals from commuter.

smart roads of the future - Google Search

Shortlisted 20 smart cities for the ‘Smart Cities Mission’

Dynamic Lines

Glow-in-the-Dark 'Smart Highways' Replace Street Lights in the Netherlands Read more: Glow-in-the-Dark 'Smart Highways' Replace Street Lights in the Netherlands


If you're carrying a smartphone or driving a modern car, you're a potential probe, and Nokia would love to unlock your location for its HERE Maps services.