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there is a red sign on the stairs
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh – 54th Carnegie International, 2003 (Identity) | Graphic Thought Facility
an empty parking garage with yellow walls and white drawings on the wall, along with two open doors
Magnolia on Behance
an office with blue walls and wooden flooring on the wall is decorated with wood planks
Cochlear North American Headquarters
an empty room with white walls and black door handles on the floor, in front of a row of urinals
Flooring: Spaces, Signs and Senses
Flooring: Spaces, Signs and Senses
a large piece of jigsaw puzzle on the wall
30 Mind-Altering 3D Paintings You May Haven't Seen Yet - Buzz 2018
Using photography and puzzles to create a different type of work!
four different views of yellow signage on the side of a road next to an ocean
Lighthouse Trail Identity
Очень интересные желтые вставки, как будто смотришь в 3D формате. Они сразу обращают на себя внимание и хочется прочитать текст. Правильные и одинаковые размеры заголовков, подзаголовков и самого текста
an empty hallway with orange and white signs on the walls, along with two people walking down one side
büro uebele // w&w-campus, wüstenrot & württembergische ag signage system kornwestheim 2018
an entrance to a building with a red door and white lettering on the side wall
The Arch by 3XN
a house number sign on the side of a building with a sky in the background
100 Classy Signage Design Ideas for Your Small Business | Inspirationfeed
two people are walking through an airport with yellow arrows on the floor
Gallery of GINZA LOFT / Schemata Architects - 5
Gallery of GINZA LOFT / Schemata Architects - 5