six moths are shown in different colors and sizes
Lindsay Stripling
a bunch of colorful butterflies sitting on top of a white background with the words painted on them
Come see these beauties and Anisa's latest work on her updated JNA portfolio page!
a group of colorful bugs sitting on top of each other in different colors and sizes
a bunch of different butterflies on a white background
a green and orange bug with long legs on it's back end, sitting in front of a white background
Rhamphorrhina bertolonii
a pink butterfly flying in the air
Sweet Paradise
Welcome in my sweet paradise ;)
two different types of insects, one yellow and the other black
Tagesoidea nigrofasciata
three different colored beetle's on white background
Inspirations - Forget Me Not prints, Pattern design studio
Trypocopris fulgidus. :D
a colorful beetle sitting on top of a white surface
Brachygnathus angusticollis