Ukrainian artist Pavel Guzenko

Spectacular Oil Paintings of Twinkling Eyes

Pavel Guzenko "They say that the human hand is the hardest thing to draw. While it may very well be true, it's the eyes that draw my attention the most. Ukrainian artist Pavel Guzenko manages to capture the glimmering gaze of the human eye with his impres

Customer Art #starbucks #diy

Starbucks coffee cup design- why arnt the cups like this now? it would be more entertaining to look at in the morning.

Double exposure

creative graphic designs are incorporated to enhance the overview of the logo and its impact. Explore this gallery of 25 creative graphic designers and get inspired to create your own brilliant graphic design.

Beauty and the Beast

here's "beauty and the beast" (or more authentically, "la belle et la bête"), my entry for acidfree gallery's upcoming online "fables and fairytales" sh. beauty and the beast print

year of the ox.... like dat

A personal project and exploration of ox which includes a limited edition silk screen poster for Chinese New Year and a 2009 ox calendar. Artist: Karen To Nakada (USA) Dimension: inch ( calendar), (poster) Year: 2008

Olly Moss movie posters.

Olly Moss

Dope graphic Rolling Roadshow Movie Posters from Olly Moss. A new design take on some movie classics - Robocop, Rocky, Dirty Harry, Blues Brothers and more.


dry window, look up the sky by ~wataboku on deviantART

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1246 #digitalart

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Iron Man 3 Mondo Poster - Martin Ansin

Mondo Iron Man 3 Posters - Read online for free. A trio of "Iron Man posters from Mondo by Martin Ansin and Phantom City Creative.

Extraordinary Hyperrealistic Ballpoint Pen Portrait - My Modern Metropolis... Insane !!!

Extraordinary Hyperrealistic Ballpoint Pen Portrait

Drawing-nail t's actually a ball point pen drawing by Portuguese artist Samuel Silva, based on Kristina Taraina's photograph "Redhead Girl." Silva used seven different colored pens and spent nearly 30 hours to recreate the photo.