The Jopenkerk - literrally called the "Jopen Church" in Haarlem. An old church in the city centre that accommodates a brewery, cafe and restaurant. Since the opening in 2010, the place has become very popular. They offer at least 10 beers available on draft and a great atmosphere. Check it out for yourself!

Voted the best bar in all of Holland. That is what you'll find at the brewery in a former church @ De Jopenkerk, Haarlem

Amsterdam and Haarlem @ Georgianna Lane

Haarlem, Netherlands on sunny Sunday The espaliers had a few leaves today, what looks like pillars are the trunks of the trios of trees on this lovely alley.

Droste chocolate factory, Haarlem, the Netherlands. Cocoa I've had since I was born (to a Dutch mother). Yum.

Droste chocolat factory Refurbished Droste chocolat factory at Spaarne in Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands