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a clear glass bowl with drawings on it
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a person holding a small toy bus with animals on it's front and sides
Ceramic Cups, Plates, Home Decors | Three Fleas
a black plate with eyes and stars on it sitting on a table next to some candy
Soot sprite trinket dish
Trinket dish, soot sprite, studio ghibli, studio ghibli merch, ghibli, studio ghibli decor, cute decor, aesthetic trinket dish
a hand holding a gray and white ceramic animal with a green ball on it's head
a hand holding a small flower brooch in front of a computer screen with other items on the table
a white vase with pink flowers in it
How to fold high heels using two pieces of paper
All paper used is 7.5*7.5cm
How to create a paper flower for your bestie
Best Gift Ideas 🥰💟