a piece of paper with the words, the will of god will never lead you where the grace of god can not keep you
a white sign with a poem on it sitting next to a vase filled with flowers
Humour, When Someone, Compassion, Thrive, Our Love, Humor, Life, Mission
a green lantern hanging from the ceiling in a store
a metal plaque with an image of a person laying on a chair and the words you will seek me and find me when you seek me
there are some signs on the table with flowers in vases and one is holding a candle
a wall hanging on the side of a building with flowers and vases next to it
a white poster with the words until we meet again in black and white lettering on it
an open book with the words death god's ultimate guide written in black ink
a sign that says, trusting god makes sense even when it doesn't provers