Tubal Kain
Tubal Kain
Tubal Kain

Tubal Kain

Meer ideeën van Tubal

Klaus Eschen, Berlin, Am Brandenburger Tor ca 1965.

Bernauer Strasse - then & now

Berlin - February 1982 - border crossing Oberbaumbrücke by LimitedExpress, via Flickr

Berlin: The Berlin Wall at Lindenstrasse 1982. This stretch of the road is now called Axel-Springer-Strasse.

Bushaltestelle an der Karl-Marx-Allee in Ostberlin, 1970

Vintage Berlin - in pictures

1975 - East Berlin: Oppressive Soviet apartment blocks with a poster featuring leader Erich Honeker.

East Berlin - February 1982 - Leninplatz by LimitedExpress, via Flickr

Goosestepping, East Berlin, East Germany, 1980, photograph by J. R. Jenks.

DDR shop front 1986