Borobudur is the biggest temple in Indonesia. Borobudur temple is located in Magelang, Central Java, in addition of being a famous tourist attraction, this

The first climbers to conquer the Jayawijaya Peak ever recorded is an expedition team led by Heinrich Harrer in 1962. After Heinrich Harrer, following the expedition the summit from Indonesia managed to achieve Jayawijaya Peak. Expedition led by Col. Anwar Hamid Letnal Topography of the Directorate of Army managed to an achieve Jayawijaya Peak in 1964.

Around Pangandaran Beach there is also a nature reserve. You can explore the dense forest, met with the deer and monkeys, to enter the caves, one of which is Japan’s Cave. In here a white sand beach. Interestingly, in Pangandaran Beach you can see the sunrise and sunset. Elongated shape of Pangandaran Beach, so you can watch the morning sun which coincided with the fisherman who had just returned from the sea and see sunset with a beautiful light.

GWK, Window Of Art And Culture Of Bali

definitely want to live in a place where you can see the sun set without any buildings in the way at some point, bali is a great option.

Watching the sunset in Kuta beach is the thing that will not be forgotten, Kuta Beach is often referred to as sunset beach for its beauty. Extraordinary beauty a pull factor for foreign tourists visiting Bali.

The number 6 Unesco heritage list is Prambanan temple. Beside the nature, Indonesia has the heritage of cultural sites such as Prambanan Temple (known as the largest Hindhu temple)