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an oil painting of tulips in a vase
Tulips by easelyamused, via Flickr
a piece of paper taped to the floor with words on it that read head, arm, legs and leg
Giacometti sculpture art project for kids
a piece of art that has been made out of ceramic tiles with black and white designs on it
ERRP | Expired Registration Recovery Policy
hand-built, porcelain tiles, wax resist, black and clear glaze, high-fired, laced with black computer ties
there are many different items on the wall
kandinsky, gainer, and zamorano?
kindergarten 3D Shapes..kandinsky, lee gainer.
a large vase made out of colored paper on top of a table next to other items
my girlfriend's grade 5 class made this, i thought reddit should see it (another view)
Grade 5 art project-finally something to do with all those ridiculous triangles the kids make!
a sculpture made out of colored pencils on top of a black stand with white background
to the right
Rolled magazine sculpture. Saw this as a lesson once where students made patterned paper first and then turned it into tubes. Like the idea a lot but they need something better than just stacking the pieces.
white paper flowers are hanging on the wall
Sculptural Paper Relief
Sculptural Paper Relief - lots of examples - with or without the Senior folding or rolling the papers, let them contemplate and guide the pattern and gently assist them.