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% ARABICA Kuwait Roastery - Puddle

The Shuwaikh area is known to have an industrial feel to it, with many auto repair shops, showrooms and warehouses for building materials lining the streets. However, in recent years, many cafes an.

Texas design firm OFFICIAL have created a unique coffee shop and cocktail bar design in Dallas, named the Houndstooth Coffee and Jettison Cocktail Bar

In this modern coffee shop, the service bar (or coffee bar) is central to the space, and the light grey countertop acts as a separation from the wood on the lower part of the bar and the white 'cloud' above.


マッシュホールディングスが、昨年11月に新社屋に移転しました。建築家の村野藤吾が手がけた麹町ダイビル(1976年竣工)は四ツ谷駅近くに立地し、彫りの深いプレキャストコンクリートによるデザインが特徴です。今回は業界で専ら評判になっている"女子力高い"おしゃれ社員食堂に潜入。同社社長・近藤広幸氏が社員のためにこだわり抜いたというその食堂をレポートします。 - De Bijenkorf, NL - De Bijenkorf, NL

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Flora Danica Restaurant at La Maison du Danemark in Paris - NordicDesign

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When mentioning Paris’ Champs-Élysées, everybody can imagine crowds of tourist. Nevertheless, it’s worth discovering hidden gems such as the Maison du Denmark and its sumptuous Flora Danica brasser