Looks like a good use for a paper plate

I love this little chicken card!this would be a cute project to go with the "Little Red Hen" book. and maybe even use a paper plate to make it. Writing Prompt: "I would or would not help the Little Red Hen because.

leuk om met de kinderen te knutselen

"leuk om met de kinderen te knutselen" which means, more or less, 'tinker fun with the kids'

knutselen met eierdozen

Chickens made out of a recycled empty egg carton! Such a fun craft for kids to do using feathers and googly eyes! Project theme art and ideas,Kids-lost in kids everything,Paper-Cartr,Pasen,


papier-maché Easter Egg chicks - inspiration for making chicks out of any egg shape.

plastic bags chicken #Craft you could make a #turkey too!

12 Amazing Objects Made From Plastic Bags - recycled plastic bags

kip met kuikentjes

Not in English, but the picture is quite self explanatory