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a yellow flower with the words zorg vor jezelf en kon tot bloej
Waarom zelfzorg zo belangrijk is voor HSP
In mijn praktijk zie ik dagelijks hoogsensitieve klanten die stress ervaren en moe zijn. Wanneer ik vraag waar ze behoefte aan hebben is het antwoord standaard: rust! Herken jij dat ook bij jezelf? #hspcoachmaaike #hoogsensitief #hsp #hoogsensitiviteit #gevoelig #hooggevoelig #zelfzorg #bloeien
a watercolor painting of a dog with flowers around it and the words in a perfect world, every home would have a dog
a quote with butterflies on it that says i just hugged you in my thoughts, i hope
Een omhelzing op afstand!
Binnenkant : Een omhelzing op afstand!
a blue bird flying in the sky with a quote below it that says, we are not
an abstract painting with the words kunst is de tal van je hart
De taal van je hart
a quote from jezelf zuin on the subject of this image
Jezelf zijn, is thuiskomen in het leven.
a small green plant sprouts from the ground with a quote written on it
a butterfly flying in front of the sun with a quote on it that says hello, i
someone holding a feather in their hand with the words sometimes i just look up
I know... ♡
a green leaf with water droplets on it and the words, i hope it helps to know that i care about you
a hedge is laying on the ground with its head in his hands and an inscription above it
two yellow and black striped bees on white paper with watermarked image in the background
a woman standing in a field with a sunflower on her head and the quote i set my boundaries to protect myself, not to defend you
a quote that says oh, i'm sorry if thought you meant what you
a painting of a woman with hearts on her wings and in the background is a night sky
a woman with a pink suitcase is standing in front of a white sign that says welpepn
a poem written in german with an image of the ocean and sky behind it,
a white wall with the words, i don't leave when it gets hard
Wisdom Quotes, Texts, Positive Vibes, Handlettering, Office Quotes
a pink background with the words, proven net de mensen teveren te ste
a white paper with the words we're not bang on menen te verlizen
the words are written in black and white on a beige background with an orange flower
an image of a person standing in front of a blue wall with words written on it
Uplifting Quotes, Meaningful Quotes, Healing Quotes, Positive Thoughts, Wise Quotes, Ord, Great Quotes, Positive Affirmations
Her salvation✔️ - Worth my heart?
a woman in a white dress with the words, all that de bedeling was dat
an image of a field with the words, zo leg je hsp ut am net - hsp
Hoe leg je hoogsensitiviteit uit aan een niet-HSP?
a black and white photo with the words you're always one decision away from a totally different life
the sun shining over water with an orange sky in the background and a quote written on it
Coachen met je hart - voor bezielde ondernemers
♡ Er leeft iets in jou dat stil veel meer weet dan jijzelf... Intuïtie
a black and white photo with the words in german
a red heart with the words you deserves someone who's gonna treat you like you matter
Emma Blonde