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a crochet hook with yarn in the background and balls of thread to the side
How to make an easy bag handle / how to make a rope from macrame rope / how to make a crochet rope
several pictures of baby shoes and their feet
Get the best for your baby!
The best sneakers especially created for your litle ones! 100% Handmade with eco friendly coton Sizing from newborn up to +12 month old
a woman wearing a crochet hat and scarf with the words into the woods cowl
Crochet Granny Harlequin Hooded Cowl Free Pattern
a black t - shirt that says, i turn strings into things what's your super power?
a woman sitting on top of a wooden chair next to a yellow sign that says, so you want me to make you a handmade item and the yam will cost me $ 25 and take me
So you want me to make you a handmade item and the yarn will cost me $25 and take me 20+ hrs to make but you only want to pay me $10? I don't think so! Better head to Walmart.
a crocheted blanket with the words crocheted gifts are not cheap if someone has given you a handmade blanket, the average cost to them not including the spent for materials
Homemade crocheted gifts are NOT cheap
many skeins of yarn are piled together with the caption if someone makes you something out of yarn, they like you
Shhh, I'm Counting.
a drawing of a girl with yarn in her hands and the words crazy knitting lady
Crafty - Knitting And Crocheting | Urban Threads: Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs
Crazy Crochet Lady_image
two crocheted placemats sitting next to each other
Zelf maken met haakkatoen: BABYDEKENTJE - Freubelweb
an easy crochet baby blanket is shown with the words, easy done in a day
Easy ‘Done in a Day’ Crochet Baby Blanket - Dabbles & Babbles
the back of a black hoodie with an image of a knitting quote on it
~Stop asking what I'm doing this weekend...~