Section B: Negative/Offensive Ads

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Ad reads: People are always telling me that smoking causes low birth weight. Talk about a win-win-win. An easy labor, a slim baby and the Full Flavor of Winstons! Pin Up Retro, Pin Up Vintage, Pub Vintage, Vintage Photos, Old Advertisements, Retro Advertising, Retro Ads, Advertising Slogans, Funny Vintage Ads

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I find this ad offensive because cigarette companies obviously knew (the had to have, anyway) the negative impacts that could effect a child in the womb while the mother was pregnant! And it makes it seem like a tiny baby is healthy. -Sara Taylor

Illustration for article titled Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads Vintage Humor, Vintage Ads, Vintage Posters, Funny Vintage, Funny Commercials, Funny Ads, Funny Advertising, Advertising Campaign, Funny Signs

Selling Shame: 20 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads

One vintage ad warns women, "Don't let them call you SKINNY!" while another promises that smoking cigarettes will keep one slender. If the task of morphing their bodies into the current desirable shape isn't enough of a burden, women are also reminded that they stink.

[Super Lame/What Not To Do/Common Advertising Troupes] - Ads such as these that shame women's body image, or anyone who is overweight, is lame and offensive. It plays off of our insecurities and should not be used in today's advertising. Advertising Fails, Bad Advertisements, Peta Ads, Films Youtube, Affirmations, Save The Whales, France 2, Media Literacy

Stories That Matter, Actions That Count

Advertising still relies on our collective bad body image to drive home its messages.

During WWII there were many examples of propaganda especially against Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They used this propaganda to influence people and have them brainwashed and believe that Japan is the enemy in the war. Vintage Ads, Vintage Posters, Retro Posters, Ww2 Propaganda Posters, Pearl Harbor Attack, Japanese American, World War Two, So Little Time, Wwii

WWII Propaganda: The Influence of Racism

Images created in times of war reveal the tensions and fears ignited by the conflicts between nations. Close analysis shows that the attached World War II propaganda poster is one such image. This 1942 poster, titled This is the Enemy, circulated in the United States following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Its purpose was to embody the entire Japanese nation as a ruthless and animalistic enemy that needed to be defeated.

vintage everyday: Racism Has a Long History in Advertising. Here are 15 Shockingly Racist Vintage Ads Pub Vintage, Old Advertisements, Retro Ads, Old Ads, African American History, The Good Old Days, Alter, Black History, Vintage Ads


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Brianna- Women think men give them unrealistic ideas of what they should look like, yet the magazines are pushing skinny looks on people. This should offend not only girls, but boys too. Boys are always blamed yet it is the magazines. 100 Calorie Workout, Gender Studies, 200 Pounds, Girls Magazine, Smosh, 100 Calories, Loose Weight, Mindfulness, Yummy Food

Article Titles In Teen Girl Magazines That Blow My Mind | SMOSH

Girls, beware, these women's magazines might not be looking out for your best interests.

riotisnotquiet: “ handsthatmold: “ I don’t think I’ve ever been able to see myself for who I really am. ” [A greyscale photograph of a sign taped to a mirror, with the words “WARNING:. The Words, Quotes To Live By, Me Quotes, Sarcastic Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Indie Quotes, Quirky Quotes, Funny Sarcastic, Quotes Images

I like this ad because It's talking about how our self image is only a result of how the society around us has told us we need to look at ourselves - Tristan Huntoon

Tamera: This ad is saying that the French eat unhealthy and athletic english people eat bran for breakfast. It is offensive because its saying people that are english and eat bran are better than the French breakfast people. Best Adverts, Sir Chris Hoy, English People, Cycling Weekly, Travel Ads, Advertising And Promotion, People Eating, French Pastries


Super fit, super ripped Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy is bringing his brawn to the bran by working with Kellogg’s Bran Flakes to promote men’s health. The sexy Scot will be gracing breakfast tables a...

Ah, the good ol’ days of sexism in advertising. Check out these vintage sexist ads from the & Real men & housewives, they'd be funny if they weren't real Vintage Humor, Funny Vintage Ads, Pub Vintage, Funny Ads, Hilarious, Vintage Wife, Poster Vintage, Funny Pranks, Vintage Images


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Some think this is a fail. I'd say HUGE SUCCESS. How do you get guys to feel good about buying a diet soda? Tell them women don't drink this one! Then they don't feel bad buying it, because everyone knows it's not a woman's drink. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Gender Stereotypes, Diet Drinks, Beverages, Print Ads, Vintage Ads, Slogan

This advertisement is incredibly offensive towards women. It says that women are weak and cannot handle this drink. And, not only that, they highlight the word "women" in a different color further showing the misogynistic nature of the advert.

this add is negative because it is just placing the blame on the a small group of politicians for the bills that aren't passed keith Political Ads, Small Groups, Politicians, Blame

this add is negative because it is just placing the blame on the a small group of politicians for the bills that aren't passed keith

Ryan: I think this is a negative ad because it has Obama in the back and it appears to be blaming him for some stuff that is pretty bad but one must look through the darkness to see the light. Obama Campaign, Political Ads, Darkness, Politics, Pretty, Dark

Political Ad of the Week: Playing Dirty

Hope and Change are dead—that is, according to American Crossroads, a Republican organization that’s likely to be a big player in this election. In a …

"PlayStation Portable White is coming". Sony doesn't shy away from controversial ads, which they prove with this billboard in the Netherlands for the launch of PSP White in 2006 Sony, Movie M, Mad Ads, Intimate Wash, Black Runners, Playstation Portable, Media Literacy, Illustrations, Black Women

9 Racist Ads, Commercials That Promote Negative Images of Black People

In a 2008 television commercial for the Japanese cellphone company, Emobile, a monkey is shown in an election campaign with the slogan "Change,"