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a bed room with a neatly made bed and blue walls
Asian classic style foyer with puja area | homify
Asian classic style Foyer with Puja area: Corridor & hallway by NVT Quality Build solution
an open door leading into a room with a buddha statue on the wall and other decorations
Modern corridor/hallway design ideas inspiration & pictures|Homify
Residence @ Victory valley, Gurgaon: Corridor & hallway by INTROSPECS
a wooden structure with people standing around it
an open door to a room with pictures on the wall
| homify
Here you will find photos of interior design ideas. Get inspired!
an entry way with shelves and lights on the wall, along with a small buddha statue
50 Mind Calming Wooden Home Temple Designs
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a wall mounted tv
Your very own pooja corner, for a tremendous spiritual journey! . . . #interiors #indianhomes #homedecor #decor #interiordesign #designporn…
a large black cabinet with chess pieces on it's doors and drawers in front of a white wall
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Decorate pooja room design in lavish manner
a living room with a large wooden cabinet and chandelier hanging from the ceiling
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Modern Pooja Room Designs
Easy Home made Pooja mandap USA with the materials from Home depot and lowes. DIY mandap Rabbi, Pooja Mandir
Decorated Pooja Mandap
Easy Home made Pooja mandap USA with the materials from Home depot and lowes. DIY mandap
there is a display case in the store with many different designs on it's sides
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Pooja Room Designs - Tanjore Paintings
an ornate wooden shrine in the middle of a room
a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a wall with an elephant drawn on it
ramanuji symbol
glass door designs for pooja room - Google Search
there are many paintings on the wall in this room, including lord ganeshra
Architecture and Interior Design
pooja room
a cabinet that is in the corner of a room
Mandir For Your Home
puja room design. home mandir. lamps. doors. vastu. idols placement. pooja room ideas
an elaborately decorated room with columns and pictures on the wall, in front of a window
Home Tour: A Traditional Home Filled with Antique Treasures
pillars at the entrance of pooja room