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a woman with long hair wearing a flower crown and holding a sign that says no do becoz
a woman holding a sign that says no dp because hummy tha gay hai meri nazar ulhar kar
Z❤ hahahahaha aur mere hasband bhi
an image of a man laughing with the caption that says, some people remove their whatsapp dp when they get upset
a girl with glasses is looking at the camera and has an expression on her face
Exactly.....wid out mamaz help koi kaam nae hota makeup ki cheezon main
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a woman with long hair wearing a pink sari
a cartoon girl with big eyes holding a sign that says, agar apse koi ghatti to jave toh akhan band karake 2 minn
Hahahha......hamesha sara pe
a poster with an emoticive message on it
a woman holding her hand to her face with the words best love page on it
Hahahah... Chaloo Socho sochoo