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kerstkaarten 2023
met lavinia stempels, element inkt distress
a christmas card with an image of a winter's house in the snow on it
Christmas card 2023
lavina stamp
an advertisement for the first bat of autumn, featuring mushrooms and squirrels with leaves around them
Lavinia kalender 2023 november
lavinia inkt, stickers en stempels
an image of two halloween cards with pumpkins and spiderweaves on them
lavinia kalender 2023 oktober
a card with an image of a woman sitting on a tree branch in the night
lavinia kalender 2023 december
a halloween card with a jack - o'- lantern on it
trinchie Halloween
lavinia stamps
a card with an image of a castle in the sky and a bird flying over it
more Halloween
lavina mini stamps on trinchie
a christmas card with a house and holly wreath on it, sitting next to a piece of paper that says blessing
Christmas by Jo Rice
workshop creation
a halloween card with an image of a pumpkin on it
lavinia stamps
a christmas tree is shown on a card with the words,'christmas tree '
kerst 2023
a christmas card with trees and snow on the bottom reads, wishing you peace and joy
kerst 2023
a card with the words let it snow written in blue and white ink, on a wooden surface
kerst 2023
a card with an image of a book and a skull on it, which reads boo
spookt pomkin
naar idee van Jo Rice Lavinia stamps
a card with two pumpkins and a bird on it, sitting in front of a wreath
felicitatiekaart in de herfst
an advertisement for nature nurture on the side of a white board with trees and fence
Kalender augustus 2023
Lavinia stamps