Great old clocks are fun collectibles and can be found at garage and tag sales, flea markets, antique stores and almost every city across the world. Antiques Vintage Retro Recycled Home decor Recycle

Singer Sewing Machine

Old Singer Treadle Sewing Machine. Learned to sew on my Grandmother's like this one When I was a teenager I learned to sew on a machine like this one

I remember these.

RCA Victor Portable Record Player in Faux Croco Case. my Dad had one of these and gave it to me for Christmas when my family didn't have enough money to buy one.

Maandag Wasdag

I remember helping my grandmother with the wringer washer. We always helped out on wash day when we could, even if we sometimes accidentally made the clean things dirty.

Le coucou

Vintage 8 DAY - On / Off Switch- Cuckoo Clock -Carved- Black Forest GERMANY

Cuckoo Clock - Black Forest - Just like the one we had except for the 'X's around the clock face. I so love this kind of clock!

Vintage Laundry And Washday Collectibles - I Antique Online

Vintage Laundry And Washday Collectibles - I Antique Online Those tubs were used for EVERYthing, laundry, catching rainwater, washing greens outside.

I remember those sinks!.

Old fashion kitchen counter and typical Dutch, with the tiled sink.

De melkboer!

De melkboer van vroeger, met melk en vla in Flessen van dik glas!

Huis aan huis bakker van v.d. Meer & Schoep Bakkerijen, 1936.   Foto: Archief Spaarnestad, Mijn opa moet ook met z,On kar gelopen hebben

And here is the baker bringing fresh baked bread.and rolls and "krenten-brood" (raisin bread) to our door.

Typewriter -★- royal blue

1950's Royal Typewriter

Royal Typewriter - really want a pale blue one in my future house as well as a computer- great for writing with the added bonus of no headaches from bright screens.