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a bridal bouquet sitting on top of a white table next to green plants and grass
Aktuell — Academy of Flowerdesign / AoF Floristmeisterschule international
a vase filled with flowers and feathers on top of a table
Masterclass Las Vegas by Hanneke Frankema
three different pictures with flowers in them and the words unique and delicate floral construct on it
The Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bridal Bouquet - שזירת פרחים - אורית הרץ
Delicate succulents, craspedia and orchids adorn this intricate and crafty base I constructed for a lightweight bridal bouquet.
an arrangement of flowers is displayed on a black surface
VBW • Floral Movement • Lelystad 2013
a bride holding a bouquet of white roses
" Der Brautstrauß... "
an arrangement of white flowers and greenery hanging from the ceiling in front of a wall
Paarden liefhebber