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a drawing of a person sitting on a chair with a skull in his hand and wearing a crown
an anime character with green hair holding two swords
Roronoa Zoro | Wallpaper ♡
a man sitting on top of a chair wearing a hat
Monky D. Luffy
an image of some anime characters flying in the air
Royal Haki Kings
#onepiece #zoro #shanks #luffy #roger
One Piece Ace, One Piece Movies, One Piece Photos
Ace | Wallpaper ♡
a hand holding up a framed cartoon with an image of gohan on the front
Luffy Glass Painting
two anime characters are standing in front of an ocean with waves and the moon behind them
there is a shelf that has some cartoon figures on it with the skull and crossbones
one pice
a black and white photo with a pirate skull on it's face, surrounded by other characters
Straw hats crew
The 10 members Captain Monkey d Luffy Zoro-Sanji-Brook-Nami-Chopper-Jinbei-Robin-Usopp-Franky